10 Things That Make My Life Easier…And Oh-So-Much Better

This Monday’s post is linked up with Monday’s Listicle’s, with the prompt of “10 Things That Make My Life Easier.”  The following is a list of ten things that make my life not only easier, but oh-so-much better.

  1. Friends and family.  Yes, this one is obvious, but I’m still basking in the glow of a beautiful weekend away with three of my good girlfriends.  A weekend filled with chatting, relaxing, shopping, wine, a long-awaited trip to the tattoo parlor for my second tattoo, plenty of open and honest conversation – and, of course, lots of dancing – did wonders for my soul.  But the experience was made even better by the knowledge that my husband was having a kick ass “Dad’s Day” with our boys (complete with a trip to the zoo, plenty of Star Wars movies, forts,  pizza, and lounging around in pajamas for far longer than usual), as well as the fact that I legitimately looked forward to going home to my family on Sunday.  I truly missed them even though I was only away for a mere 26 hours.  Yes, friends and family are definitely at the top of my list of things that make my life easier, and oh-so-much better.
  2. Hugs.  Whether it’s the warm embrace of a good friend, the sympathetic hold of a caring family member, the soft cuddle of a sleepy child, the exuberant neck-hold of a happy child, or the amorous squeeze of my husband, all hugs make my life easier.  Don’t hugs make everyone’s life easier and oh-so-much better?
  3. My haven.  Everyone needs a safe respite from the chaos of the world.  For me, it is my home.  It may not be large or extravagant, but it is the coziest, calmest, and easiest place in the world for me to be.
  4. Apologies. We all F— up from time to time.  We hurt others; others hurt us.  We say the wrong thing; we do the wrong thing.  But by giving and getting a heartfelt and sincere apology, relationships can be restored and my life is that much easier.
  5. Prayer/meditation.  Regardless of which God I may or may not believe in, the simple act of offering up concerns and gratitude to something outside of myself, of admitting that there is much outside of my control, is both therapeutic and liberating.  The gratitude and release that come from mindful moments of prayer or mediation make life so much easier for me.
  6. Books.  Books are my escape, giving me a break from reality every now and then.  Whether a trashy romance novel, a thrilling mystery, or a YA vampire tome (yes, I am a Twi-hard and huge fan of The Hunger Games), a good book takes me out of my day-to-day world of grocery shopping, bills, whiny kids, tantrums, and deadlines.   It pulls me into a magical world that, although not my own, has the power to influence and transform my life.
  7. Smartphones and the Internet.  Where, or where, would I be without my iPhone?  Lost in a world of forgetfulness, confusion, and disconnectedness, that’s where.  My iPhone and the Internet keep me connected to the world at large and my own personal world.  Easy access to informative news stories, insightful Op Ed pieces, uplifting blog posts, photo sharing sites, Facebook, and email allows me to stay connected to my friends/family, and to become more connected to the world as a whole.
  8. Laughter.  The infectious belly laughs of my kids, the twinkle in my husband’s eye when we laugh together over a shared joke, the healing release that comes from laughing at myself, and the carefree laughter among old friends, all make my life so much easier and more fun.
  9. A massage.  Enough said.
  10. Exercise.  Exercise reminds me of all that my body is capable of; of the strength that lies in my limbs, my heart, my lungs; and of the importance of doing something to take care of myself.  Not to mention those feel-good endorphins that make getting through a day consumed by laundry, errands, tantrums, and an ever-growing to-do list so much easier.  In fact, I think I will sign off here and go for a run.


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