10 Words and Phrases That Drive Me Crazy

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It’s Monday, y’all! (Like you needed a reminder as you take a sip from your giant mug of coffee.) Well, Monday means another Monday Listicles and this week we’re venting. Stasha at The Good Life set out the topic of “10 most annoying sounds.” I’ve put a little Random Reflectionz spin on it and come up with a list of “10 Words and Phrases That Drive Me Crazy.”

  1. “I’m bored.” Really? Then go color a picture, read a book, tell me a story, build something, paint something, draw something. And, if all else fails, go clean your room.
  2. “It wasn’t me.” Yes, it was. And if it you didn’t directly do it, you were still probably involved in some way.
  3. “I will/would never…” You just never know how you will or would act in a given situation until you are there.
  4. “Inner goddess.” If you read a certain bestselling literary piece of trash, I suspect that you will agree.
  5. “Gnarly.” Just another hipster word used in an attempt to sound, ahem, hip?
  6. “Family values.” This phrase seems to have become synonymous with bigotry, judgment, and criticism, rather than authentic family values like love, empathy, respect, and compassion.
  7. “Mercurial.” See #4.
  8. Tweet.” Try as I might, I just cannot get the hang of Twitter. For me, Facebook is like a dinner party and Twitter is a loud cocktail party. Sure, there might be guests at the Facebook dinner party with odd and questionable over-shares, but at the Twitter cocktail party, I feel like everyone is shouting at each other and that I am eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.
  9. “Networking.” No other word has depersonalized the act of relationship creation more than this word. It institutionalizes personal relationships (whether social or professional) into something stark, mechanical, and devoid of authentic emotion.
  10. “Irregardless.” This is not a word.

What words and phrases drive you crazy?

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