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Am I a writer?

No, I don’t think so. Sure, I write. But, I am not a writer. The others are writers, not me.
A writer is the journalist who lives a glamorous lifestyle traversing the globe unearthing gritty stories. A writer is the essayist whose byline appears in glossy magazines like The New Yorker and The Atlantic, or even trashy rags like People and Us Weekly. A writer is the novelist whose printed books boast stunning covers and catchy titles sit atop shelves of bookstores and libraries. A writer is the blogger with thousands of followers and expensive ad space.

Me, a writer? No, definitely not.

You can read the rest of “The Others Are Writers, Not Me” over at Erin Margolin’s blog The Road To My Writer Roots, where I am thrilled to be guest posting today.

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  1. I read the rest of this over at Erin Margolins blog, and I am just blown away by it. You put into words exactly what I often think about my own writing. I, too, am a lawyer, but that isn’t what fulfills me, what keeps me up late at night, what makes me think, and what makes me feel. Writing does all of those things for me, and more. And after reading your words, I think I am going to start saying the words “I am a writer” far more often. Thanks so very much for this post.

    • Christie Reply

      Thank you so much, Samantha. Your words mean so, so much. Although writing fulfills me, it is also the source of much angst. Am I good enough? Are my words ignored? Will my book ever get published? I am trying to focus less on those doubts and more on honing my skills. Thanks again for reading and for sharing your supportive words. I am enjoying your blog.

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