The Future Looks Bright

“I had this rare privilege of being able to pursue in my adult life, what had been my childhood dream.”
— Andrew Wiles, British mathematician 

One of My Fashion Design Sketches (circa 1989)

The topic for today’s Monday Listicles is 10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT AS A CHILD YOU WOULD DO/BE, courtesy of Wendy at Twisted Domestic Goddess. So here is a list of things that I thought, as a child, I would do or be.

1. Own a horse.

2. Be a farmer.

What my 6-year-old self wanted to be when I grew up

3. Be a teacher.

4. Go to college at the University of Wisconsin. 

What my future looked like when I was 10 years old

5. Be recruited to swim at the University of Wisconsin. 

6. Make the ’92 or ’96 Olympics.

Another one of my fashion designs


7. Create cutting edge fashion designs.

8. Be a wife and a mom.

9. Be a lawyer.

10. Be content and happy.

Five of these childhood dreams have come true. Can you guess which ones?


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  • When I was a child people used to ask me what I wanted to be. I would always say “a mom”. Now I’m a mom of three beautiful little girls. Ages 8, 9, and 17. I’m so glad that dream came true.

  • I’m guessing #1, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10. Yep, I know that’s six but I really hope you have a horse (your drawing is adorable) and you just never learned to count correctly! I wish I still had some of my early writing – yours is precious!

    • You were close. It’s #4,5,8,9 and 10. Sadly, there has been no horse for me yet – though I’m still holding out hope on that one. And my lack of patience doesn’t lend itself to being a teacher. But I did swim at the University of Wisconsin – one of the best experiences of my life.

  • Your fashion drawings are beautiful. I love how you put actual pictures from when you were younger in this post. My mom keeps all this stuff so I don’t get to see them very often. How cool that you did actually swim at university!

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