Shawn Ledington Fink of Awesomely Awake
Shawn Ledington Fink of Awesomely Awake

I am so happy to welcome Shawn Ledington Fink, author of The Playful Family and the Thinking Mama behind Awesomely Awake who is changing the world — one family at a time. She is a peace and kindness spreader and offers an e-course called The Abundant Mama Project that leads women into a daily gratitude practice. You can follow Shawn on her Blog or find her on PinterestFacebook and Twitter. I am thrilled that she joins us here today as part of the “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone” series to talk about making a major career transition.


Taking that first step onto a new path can be so terrifying.

For years, I had a sense of being on the verge of something. Always on the verge … but never really knew what it was, never really able to grasp it with my fingertips. I kept searching and digging.

I kept hoping that one day the path would reveal itself to me — telling me which way to go.

And then, while working in a lonely, unfulfilling job, I started a blog.

I kind of new what I was doing. I had blogged before. I knew I wanted to make writing online my business, my career, my livelihood but what

I didn’t know was if I had it in me.

Within a month, I had a thousand visitors a month.

Within three months, a thousand fans on Facebook.

And I followed the tugs of the Universe.

So, late last month, I stepped out and became self-employed as a writer and mentor for mamas hoping to find their happy place all while raising thriving children.

This was not a tiny transition. This was going from 100 mph working in government and politics and a very high profile position in my town to shedding everything I had become known for over the last five years.

And returning to my authentic self.

The feeling when I walked out of my office and stepped foot on the ground was memorable — and scary.

I tasted freedom on my tongue and it tasted very good.

Like I was suddenly in charge of my own destiny.

Like my wings were full and the sky cracked wide open, just for me.

To be honest, I started preparing years ago for this transformation — when I realized that the ideal job I had wasn’t ideal at all — that I sorely missed the creative, challenging career I was used to as a writer.

When I figured that out, I began writing Awesomely Awake blog posts week after week. And that led to a book, which led to some e-courses … and the story wrote itself.
The universe led me along.

Life became a fast moving machine that would have been hard to pause.

It feels great to own something that’s all mine. Something that’s changing the world — one family at a time. And I’m doing it on my own time while I am able to be there fully for my daughters after school and all summer.

I’ve come full circle — finally doing what had been calling me for so many years.

I finally stepped into my own power and found the path to authenticity.

Shawn Ledington Fink with her girls on Mothers Day
Shawn Ledington Fink with her girls on Mothers Day


    • Christie Reply

      Ahh, yes, it’s a never-ending struggle for me – to find a path to authenticity, yet still acknowledge the processes and roles that we need to respect in order to successfully move forward.

  1. I love Shawn’s work and it’s wonderful to see her here. Her story is such an inspiration to me. xox

    • Christie Reply

      She is fantastic. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I hope you’ll stop back again.

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