A Day of Smiles

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Sometimes I just don’t notice.

I don’t notice all the good, all the simple joys, all the smiles.

Some days, the complaints roll more quickly off my tongue than the praise. The day’s outtakes play back, instead of the day’s highlight reel. All that isn’t is easier for me to see than all that is.

But today I made the decision to notice. To appreciate. To smile.

10 Things That Made Me Smile Today


1. The sun rising over tall fields of corn


2. Hearing this song on my morning run

3. A hot cup of strong coffee

4. Hearing Jack say, “Mom, me and Teddy are having LOTS of fun.”

5. Little boys in a big raft


6. A long jet ski ride with my mom, Jack, and Teddy

7. And Teddy falling asleep between my mom and me on the jet ski ride

8. When Teddy said, “Mommy, I’m a good Teddy. And you’re a good mommy.”

9. Carousel frosted animal cookies


10. Giggling boys at the end of the dock



What made you smile today?

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