Some Days

Photo Credit: poohtorrent via Photobucket
Photo Credit: poohtorrent via Photobucket

“Human kindness is overflowing and I think it’s going to rain today.”
Lyrics by Randy Newman

Some days seem too big, too long, too hard. It seems impossible to wade through the muck. The treadmill of nonsense just doesn’t seem to slow down. Meetings, bad news, conference calls, more bad news.

Some days seem too scary, too wild, too intimidating. It seems impossible to pick ourselves up and take another step. The raincloud of negativity seems to follow us wherever we go. Arguments, tantrums, hurt feelings.

Some days seem too dark, too desperate, too lonely.

And then…

A phone call, a reassuring word, a kind gesture. A helping hand, a smile, a thoughtful friend.

Some days turn softer, lighter, easier. Some days become overflowing with possibility and kindness and a chance for a fresh start.

Photo Credit: mress_1701 via Photobucket
Photo Credit: mress_1701 via Photobucket
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