That Moment

Twilight on the water

Within each day, there is a moment.

Some days, it is so hidden that I have to squint to find it. Other days, it is so fleeting that it seems to be over almost before it began.

But it is there. Every day, there is that moment.

That moment when I catch my boys laughing hysterically together at some inside joke. That moment when I see the bigger one put his arm around the shoulder of the littler one. That moment when the littler one shares a bite of ice cream with the bigger one.

That moment when my feisty little black dog rests her head on my skittish white dog and they both let out a deep sigh of contentment. That moment when the air bounces through open windows, bringing in the squeals of neighbor kids playing in backyards.

That moment when a good-night hug lasts a little longer and a little tighter than usual. That moment when I slide in between crisp, cool sheets at the end of a long day. That moment when my husband kisses my forehead just as I am falling asleep.

So many days are spent racing from one thing to the next, wiping tears and breaking up fights, planning for the Next Big Thing, or worrying about What Might Happen, that I miss that moment.

But they are there. That moment – that Life-Is-Great-And-Even-If-It’s-Not-That-Great-Right-Now-Then-It-Will-Be-Better-Soon moment – is there.

Maybe if I open my eyes wide enough and make my heart big enough, the nonsense and the noise and the distractions won’t keep me from seeing just how many of those moments there really are.

Tell me: What is THAT moment for you? And how do you make it easier to see that moment?

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