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Only One

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one” -- John Lennon, lyrics to Imagine I’ve been quieter here, in this online space, than usual. Maybe you’ve noticed. Maybe not. There are a couple of reasons for my lack of writing. The first one is, of course, summer. Kids home from school combined with … [Read More...]

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The Expectation-Free Summer

Note: This post was in response to a question posed by the TODAY Parenting Team, in which they asked members to share their summer stories, advice and survival secrets. This post can be seen on the TODAY Parenting site here. ************ In summers past, I have alternated between counting down the days until the end […]


Friday Summer Fun: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

It’s summer – which means kids home from school, trips up to Wisconsin, last minute playdates, visits to the local public pool, and not much time to write. Not to mention the fact that I’m starting to maybe think about dipping my toes back into the book writing pool. Maybe. Which – sigh! – doesn’t leave much […]

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Giving Day and Holidays Gone Awry

The last thing I need is another holiday with its overinflated expectations and endless chores. So when Jackson suggested a new family holiday – that would be celebrated monthly – I was a bit skeptical and apprehensive. Like most holidays, Giving Day (as our new holiday is called) has not gone according to plan. And […]

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On Growing Up, Growing Old, and Being Stupid Together

I don’t write about my husband much. Today is an exception. Matt and I met nearly 16 years ago on a hot and muggy August afternoon during law school orientation. I could tell you that it was love at first sight, that we saw each other and the world shifted on its axis, but really […]

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On the Third Rail, Crying in Church, and the Next Good Thing

When I first moved to Chicago 13 years ago, one of the things that intimated me most was the CTA train system, commonly known as the L. Up until that point, my modes of transportation consisted primarily of car, bus, bike, my own feet, and occasionally an airplane. I hadn’t ever traveled by train and, […]

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Sticky Taffy

Though the weather here in the Midwest indicates otherwise, we are firmly entrenched in Spring. It is now mid-May. Or maybe even late-May depending on your definition. How is that possible? Wasn’t I just writing 2014 on my checks? Wasn’t there just snow on the ground? And weren’t we all just shuffling about, grumbling about […]

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A Letter to Back-In-The-Day Friends

  Let me just start by stating the obvious: I miss you. We’ve been friends for 20, maybe 30 years, and although we have lived in different cities for the majority of that time, there are still days when I miss you so much the bittersweet nostalgia is so strong I can almost taste it. […]

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For the Ones In the Muddy Trenches on Mother’s Day

Last night, Teddy announced that he had made me a really awesome card for Valentine’s Day. “At school,” he clarified. “I made a really awesome Valentine’s Day card for you at school.” “You did?” I said. “That’s great. Way to plan ahead.” “Oh wait,” he said, beaming. “Mudder’s Day. I made you a card for […]


Kayaks and Wild Geese

You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. — Mary Oliver, from “Wild Geese”   In March, our family went to Florida. Let’s just […]

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Questions Without Answers

When I was nine years old, my grandpa was in a plane crash. While this event has been woven into the fabric of our family’s history for the past 28 years, it wasn’t until recently that my understanding, perspective, and even questions about the event really took shape. I’m thrilled to have a piece up on […]