Introducing Julie Holloway — Designer, Author, and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Julie HollowayNot only is Julie M. Holloway the genius behind the cover design for Open Boxes, but she is also an amazing author and entrepreneur in her own right. She is the founder of JMH Cre8ive (, a boutique graphic design agency and is the curator of a book series titled The Entrepreneur Within You ( She loves coffee, collaborating, and hanging with family and friends. Her passion is in her art, which derives from her quote “let your soul sparkle.” View her latest works online (

Below is a Q&A with Julie about her business, her dreams, and her The Entrepreneur Within You series of books, which focus on helping entrepreneurs find the inspiration and motivation to follow their passion, and provides helpful information in overcoming common hurdles and challenges that entrepreneurs face.


What compelled you to write The Entrepreneur Within You (TEW) books?

Four years ago I put in my resignation from corporate life. I had been an administrative secretary for 16 years, and quite frankly was tired of being bossed around! Soon after the quit day, I began journaling, and soon after sharing a few of my journal entries with a confidant, she suggested I publish my written work! I had never thought to do so! I certainly had a story to share, and am very glad that I did.

Writing has allowed me to be free from my past decisions and experiences with college, career and life. It has allowed me to share my story of wanting to quit Corporate America so badly, that my hair was falling out, and I was hardly eating; ending up with kidney stones and depression. It has allowed me to fulfill my dreams of being an artist, learning graphic design and sharing my testimony. It has also afforded me the opportunity to show my children, and husband what creating “your legacy” looks like. If you want to be part of something, that does not exist in your arena, you must create it.

Writing has allowed me to gain confidence in my work, my business and with my associates. It has afforded me the ability to overcome meaningless work, shallow relationships and shyness in a great way! Writing for me, is therapy and it is truly an outlet to share my voice, when my voice is often quiet and subdued. Writing has allowed me to also help ‘save others’ in their own journey of depression on jobs, unfulfilling careers and dead-end dreams. It has helped me be an inspiration in my own creative community of entrepreneurs. I am forever grateful.

To what groups of readers do your books appeal? Why?

Our core audience of the TEW book series are new start-ups, entrepreneur students, and hobbyists who wish to go full-time as well as seasoned small business owners and older generations seeking more meaningful lives and careers.

What do you hope people take away from your book?

I really hope that everyone believes after reading one or all of our books, is that dreams are real; choose to follow them. Everyone has dreams; we have dreamed of doing things since a child. But not everyone affords themselves the courage to live their dreams. It is a big step, and a big difference, to one who ‘never starts or tries.’  I truly hope that this book series motivates, inspires, or gives readers hope that they did not have before to do great things. You deserve it!

When you aren’t writing books, what other types of work do you do?

My full-time company/business is called JMH Cre8ive – an art and design studio. I spend 80% of my time on graphic design and marketing projects, 10% of my time drinking coffee, and the other 10% of my time painting and marketing our book series. Somewhere in between I am also a mother of two creative, kidpreneurs and authors, as well as a 15 year wife to an amazing husband. I try to spend my time being creative and learning how to turn off the “business” brain a few hours a day!


What is the most challenging part of your work or book writing? And how do you work to manage or overcome these challenges?

The most challenging part of book writing so far has been mustering up the courage to truthfully and transparently share my journey with the world. I was beat up emotionally after leaving my job, and really just needed an outlet. I get really nervous and anxious before each new release, (we just released book 3 of the TEW series). The reason for that anxiety is because I am once again peeling back some truth in my story and my journey for others to learn from or read about. To get over those fears, I simply remember why I started and tell myself that I will NOT become the “entrepreneur who quit.” That usually gets me fired up and keeps me going full steam ahead, hardly looking back. Once reviews come in from the new releases, I feel once again, that I have helped just one person, somewhere, live their dreams.

What about your work brings you the most joy?

I am truly joyful, beyond all of the stress, hard work, sweat equity, that I have this experience, each and every day to focus on my DREAMS. I have food, a home, a wonderful family, kids that are learning and watching our every step and failure, and family who believe in me. I have wonderful parents, and awesome business friends and colleagues that ask me where I am when I do not post on Facebook because they know my history of “hiding” and sulking in my problems of the day to day hustle. I am forever grateful for each and every time they have helped me re-discover my passions. Without the supportive network, I would be back at that 9-5 taking shit from a boss whom I despise.

Do you have any books coming out soon or any future projects that you would like to share with us?

Right now, I am preparing for my upcoming participation in the Elgin Fringe Festival, an art show at our local mayor’s office in Hanover Park, IL and a few exciting events surrounding the TEW book series, called “TEW Beyond the Book”

What are your social media handles?

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