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Photo Credit: 123RF

As soon as I walked into my apartment, I threw off my clothes and changed into sweats. I flopped down on the couch and turned on the television to watch the 2003 NCAA basketball tournament. It had been a long week and I was excited about an evening of pizza and basketball with my boyfriend.

A few minutes later, the phone rang, caller ID telling me that it was my boyfriend calling on his cell phone.

When I answered the phone, he sounded out of breath.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Are you on your way over? I’m hungry.”

“Change of plans,” he announced and immediately my heart fell.


He proceeded to tell me how a friend of his from college was unexpectedly in town for the night and he was going to meet him at his hotel for a few drinks before grabbing a late dinner. He asked if I would come back downtown to meet them.

No!, I wanted to scream.

But, instead, I reluctantly agreed to meet them. And then plotted all the ways that he would make this up to me. And, oh, how he would make it up to me because this was about the last thing I wanted to do that night. I did not want to change into normal  clothes. I did not want to hail a cab and head back downtown. And I certainly did not want to spend the evening drinking and talking into the wee hours. All I wanted to do was eat, lie on the couch, and fall asleep watching basketball.

I pulled on the only decent clean clothes I could find and hailed a cab. I pouted my way through the lobby of the fancy Chicago hotel, increasingly annoyed that he couldn’t have waited for me in the lobby, but instead told me to come right up to the room. Couldn’t he pry himself away for just a minute to meet me in the lobby?


Annoyed and pissed off, but trying hard not to be the bitchy girlfriend, I knocked on the door and braced myself for a less-than-ideal evening. I cajoled myself into putting on a happy face thinking of all the ways he would repay me for this sacrifice because no! I did not want to put on nice clothes, and no! I did not want to trek back downtown, and no! I did not want to listen to him and his buddy repeat stories of the good ol’ days over and over again.


Well, he did make it up to me. In fact, he made it up to me about 60 seconds after I arrived when he got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond stunner. I barely heard him ask the question that I had been waiting so long to hear because I was shrieking so loudly.



Do you have any stories of a change in plans working out for the better?


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  1. I love engagement stories, and yours is a great one! I, too, got engaged one night where I was frustrated, bordering on angry because my then boyfriend was making me do something I really didn’t want to do, all so he could set the scene.

    • Christie

      I think that the angry lead-up makes it that much sweeter, don’t you???

      • I’m surprised that you think the angry lead-up makes it sweeter. I don’t think the same would hold true for me. If I ever find someone I’d want to propose to, I think I’ll stay away from such a lead-up because of that. However, it’s not like I know anyone, so it’s sort of silly to plan out what I’d do if I did.

  2. I’m catching up on posts I missed and I’m so happy I am! What a lovely surprise! I didn’t see a proposal coming in this story, I was too busy identifying with your annoyances ;-). Great reminder to keep an open mind!

  3. My husband stayed the night at my place 3 days after meeting and he never left. We were engaged 2 weeks after knowing each other. Married 1 year later and been married for 4 years now.

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