I Know This Much Is True

Photo Credit: 123RF Stock Photo
Photo Credit: 123RF Stock Photo

Every day, it becomes a little bit clearer just how little I know – as a parent, as a writer, as a woman. Just when I think I might have things figured out, the universe decides to throw me a curve ball and shake things up a bit.

And lest I forget just how little I know, I can always rely on my children to remind me. Nope, you’re wrong, they tell me. No, wrong again.

The other night after filling up the car with gas, I slid back into the driver’s seat and remarked, “It sure smells like rain, doesn’t it?”

“No,” my nine-year-old replied.

“Well, it sure looks like it’s going to rain, doesn’t it?”


Two minutes later, as raindrops splattered on the windshield, I said, “Look, it’s raining.”


“What are those drops on the windshield?”

No response.

“You sure do like to disagree with me, don’t you?” I asked.


So there you go. I don’t know anything. Except…

I know this much is true…

There are few problems that can’t be cured with some cookie dough and a nap.

Never underestimate the benefits of cheap wine, good shoes, loud music, laughing until you cry, and crying until you laugh.

People are essentially good and kind and brave. Being good and kind and brave is REALLY hard sometimes.

When in doubt, choose love. When in doubt, choose love with a side of doubt, anxiety, and second-guessing.

It takes becoming a parent to really understand just how much our parents love us – and how difficult we made their lives for years on end.

Good enough is good enough.

Despite any evidence to be contrary, life is good and the world is a beautiful place.

Friday night dance parties are much more fun than a night out clubbing.

The best antidote for a shitty day is a bitch-fest with a good friend, preferably with wine and chocolate.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but they don’t tell the whole story – especially when it comes to photos on Facebook.

Finding a tribe – especially a parenting tribe – can be a long and hard journey. But when you find your tribe, it feels like coming home.

I will cry at parent-teacher conferences.

We’re all just doing the best we can.

Whatever I think I know today will probably be proven wrong tomorrow. And if it’s not, I can always count on my kids to remind that I don’t know anything.


What do you know to be true?

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