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There’s no mistaking it – color and mood go hand in hand.  Colors are influential on a social, cultural, and personal level, and my recent post in Urban Times talks about the impact that the “Color Jam” exhibit in downtown Chicago might have on passersby and workers in the Loop.

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“Perhaps a person will look out his or her window this summer during a mid-afternoon slump and be energized by the vivacious crimson reflected off the adjacent building. Perhaps someone else, while scurrying back to the office after a stressful meeting, will be calmed by the soothing turquoise sidewalk. Or perhaps an aggressive driver will be eased by the serene green outside the car window. By splashing color throughout the typically drab concrete jungle, Ms. Stockholder has transformed a business epicenter into an unexpected playground for the eyes, heart, and mind.”

Please check out the full article here – it includes the work of some skilled Chicago photographers.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to see the “Color Jam” exhibit, there are a number of ways that you can add a little color to your day. Why not place a small vase of flowers on your desk or tie a bright balloon to your refrigerator door?

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Could you step out of your comfort zone and wear brightly colored accessories or a bold tie?

Find the most colorful photo to use as your computer screensaver or frame a large colorful print to hang on the wall.

Eat off of colorful plates.

Take a moment to notice the colors in full bloom this time of year.

And my personal favorite, buy a box of fresh Crayolas and put your five-year-old artistic skills to work.

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  1. Love the picture of the crayons. Probably won’t use them for drawing, but would be nice for some color on my desk.

  2. Well said! Adding a splash of color can do so much for one’s mood. I know it works for me. My bathroom is black, white and gray. I usually try to get some sunflowers or some other bright type of flower to put in there. It makes me so totally happy!

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