This blogging thing is a strange world, you know. I have only been writing here for the past four months and it has been an amazing roller coaster ride of ups and downs. I will admit, prior to starting this blog, I read few (if any) blogs at all so I was unaware of what the blogging community was like. I certainly didn’t expect it to be a thriving community filled with informative resources, skillful writing mentors, and a supportive network of connections. But that is just what I have found.

And I have learned a lot along the way, as well. I have learned that feedback – whether in the comments section of the blog or a separate individual email – can lift my spirits like I never imagined. I have learned that writing communities – like Yeah Write, Write on Edge and Studio 30 – exist to help writers and bloggers find their voice, hone their skills, and share their words with others. I have learned that there are amazing people, who despite our relatively new relationships, have provided me with invaluable advice on the blogging and publishing world. I have learned that a kind word, a Facebook like, a retweet, and basically any recognition at all can all validate the vulnerable personal risks that I am taking by publicly sharing myself.

Which is why I am so honored to be the recipient of the Liebster Award from Steph at The Healthy Mom. You might be wondering, what the heck is a Liebster award? Well, it’s a virtual award given to relatively new blogs with fewer than 200 followers. It is intended to recognize bloggers for their efforts and promote undiscovered blogs so that they can gain exposure and attract new followers. Being nominated for a Liebster comes with a few guidelines, of course, including the following:

1. You must thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog, with a link back to their blog.

2. You must include the blog award, along with its purpose and guidelines, on your own blog.

3. You must pass the Liebster Blog Award on to 5 blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) you think deserve some recognition, and let them know of your nomination via comment on their blog, twitter, Facebook post, etc.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you to Steph at The Healthy Mom. Your recognition, along with your frequent comments, is uplifting and motivating. I am honored and humbled to be named in such good company.

Like I said, I am new to the blogging world – both as a writer and as a reader – but there are several blogs that I consistently look forward to reading so I am passing the Liebster Award on to the following blogs:

1. This Will Be On the Parenting Test. Lisa at This Will Be On the Parenting Test provides a refreshing take on parenting and life in general. Not only is she a parenting mentor of mine, but she is a spiritual mentor and good friend, as well. I wish you all would have a chance to know Lisa, for she is truly an amazing person, but since you might not be able to know her in “real life,” I highly recommend that you get to know her in the virtual world.

2. Dad of the Decade. Not only does Ben write about the harrowing first year of his daughter’s life during which she faced several life-threatening medical problems, but he writes about being a single dad and he seeks to “reject outdated and harmful stereotypes of gender roles in families.” Ben’s writing is poignant, emotional, and inspiring, and he has been an invaluable resource of information and a supportive blog follower, as well.

3. People Do Things with Their Lives. Stephanie engages her readers in socially aware topics by drawing them into her story and sharing additional information. I learn something new and fascinating every time I read one of her posts. She is also a genuinely supportive and encouraging blog follower, who takes the time to share meaningful comments and feedback.

4. Angie McMonigal Photography. Angie is a good friend and frequent photo contributor to my weekly Photo Inspiration Challenge. Her photos never cease to provide me with unending inspiration and I look forward to the Photo Inspiration Challenge each week as I often end of writing on something completely unexpected.

5. The Chili Pot. A new blogger, Eric provides a witty take on pop culture and life in general. Eric is also a faithful and supportive friend – truly one of the good guys.

Thanks again to Steph at The Healthy Mom. Thanks to the nominated blogs for your helpful guidance and encouraging motivation. And thanks to you all for reading. It truly means the world to me.



  1. Congratulations! So well deserved, as your blog posts are always informative, inspirational and interesting.
    And, thank you so much for nominating me!

  2. Well done!
    You are absolutely right, getting in on writing challenges is very inspiring, and opens the doors both ways to see and be seen by others.

  3. Hi Christie. Congrats on your Liebster award! Like you I had no idea when I started what a supportive community I would find. Also, like you I read very few blogs until I began to think of starting my own. Now, I read many. I always seek out yours as I never know what I’ll find, but all the posts are thoughtful and well-written. That’s the beauty of what you do here. Thank you for passing on the Liebster. I’m honored and grateful – again. Two in one month! I can’t thank you enough. It means a lot, as I value our connection!

  4. Thanks for the support. Whether the blog is really a witty take on pop-culture and life in general is subject to debate.

    • It is, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that seeing my post with 0 votes isn’t a bit crushing to my ego. I think I might need to stick with the hangout grid 🙂

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