I swim in pools of bubbles,
rest my head on cotton candy pillows,
and bounce on marshmallow trampolines.

I gaze at blue stars in lavender skies,
slide down rainbows,
and spread my wings to fly amongst fairies and the Sandman.

I sail down crystal clear rivers speckled with jewels,
befriend lions, llamas, and leprechauns,
and leap across skyscrapers and mountain peaks.

I don my red cape to save the world in the morning,
blast off in a sailboat to the moon in the afternoon,
and sprinkle happiness glitter in the evening.

I refill sands in the hourglass of time,
reflect forgotten dreams and fears,
and carry optimism and hopefulness in my back pocket.

I am, after all, a five-year-old.

I am linking up for the first time with Memories Captured at These Little Waves



  1. Ohmyheart – this whimsy and magic and FUN? Is so what childhood is all about!

    {I absolutely LOVE this, you}

    • randomreflectionz

      Thank you! What a fun link-up. It was fun trying my hand at freeform poetry for the first time too.

  2. And don’t you feel more secure knowing that caped crusader is on the job?!

    That photo is hysterical!

  3. This? This is stunning.
    I absolutely LOVE your words. And that picture? Priceless..

    • randomreflectionz

      Thank you. It was my first attempt at freeform poetry so I was a little nervous about it.

  4. So perfect! This is one of those posts you need to go to on those really bad days. Oh?! I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Maybe you don’t have any of those. Not with a 5 year old.

    Great first shot at poetry writing! I never would have known.

    • randomreflectionz

      Thanks! And yes, I most certainly have those days!

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