Pools of Bubbles

I swim in pools of bubbles,
rest my head on cotton candy pillows,
and bounce on marshmallow trampolines.

I gaze at blue stars in lavender skies,
slide down rainbows,
and spread my wings to fly amongst fairies and the Sandman.

I sail down crystal clear rivers speckled with jewels,
befriend lions, llamas, and leprechauns,
and leap across skyscrapers and mountain peaks.

I don my red cape to save the world in the morning,
blast off in a sailboat to the moon in the afternoon,
and sprinkle happiness glitter in the evening.

I refill sands in the hourglass of time,
reflect forgotten dreams and fears,
and carry optimism and hopefulness in my back pocket.

I am, after all, a five-year-old.

I am linking up for the first time with Memories Captured at These Little Waves


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