Don’t disappear in your own life

Do you ever feel like you are disappearing in the random pebbles and stones of your daily life?  Like your life has been affixed with a label that characterizes the million miniscule tasks and chores performed each day, a label that fails to take into account the essence of the authentic you?

Regardless of our unique lifestyle or situation, we all run the risk of disappearing into our own life – our daily life, that is.  Our monotonous, chore-filled, responsibility-laden, sometimes boring, often stress-filled, life.

Maybe you are a stay-at-home-parent bogged down with diapers, sick kids, soccer practices, school pick-ups and drop-offs, and playdates.  Or perhaps you are an overworked employee who is frenzied by meetings, deadlines, telephone conferences, overwhelming email traffic, and long commutes; or you are a laid-off professional disgruntled by job postings, resume submissions, interviews, and financial concerns.

Regardless of the daily chores that occupy the majority of our time, we must remember that our lives do not lie in those tasks, but rather our lives lie in what we bring to those tasks.

As parents, we must remember that our children are a huge part of our lives, but they are not actually our life.  They have their own life and we have ours – with our own jumbled mess of hopes, dreams, fears, likes, dislikes, goals, insecurities, and doubts.  Similarly, as employees, we must remember that our job is a series of tasks and activities, but it is only in how we carry out those tasks and activities that our life can emerge.

By labeling ourselves according to the chores and jobs that currently fill the majority of our time, we run the risk of disappearing in our own lives.  And once those chores and tasks change – as they most certainly will (children grow and jobs change) – where will that leave us, having disappeared into a life that no longer exists?

Each day we must ask ourselves: Am I going to be consumed by the monotony and ins-and-outs of daily life?  Or am I going to allow the real me to infiltrate every aspect of my life so that even routine chores and burdensome tasks include my own personal imprint, a little piece of my unique flair?

It is important to stay to true to ourselves by incorporating our own personal panache into everything we do.  Turn the radio up while chauffeuring kids around town and sing along to your favorite songs.  Teach your kids the fine art of chair dancing while you’re at it.  Joke with your colleagues.  Talk about yourself, instead of just deadlines and client expectations.  Write with a green pen, instead of black.   Meditate, write in a journal, or make a scrapbook of you.

Do not forget who you really are and what goals and dreams lay inside of you, even if they may be laying dormant for the time being.  There is a time and season for everything and, although your daily obligations may not now allow the time for salsa dancing, violin lessons, writing a novel, or learning to play chess, alas, there will come a time.  Write those dreams down, share them with others, and stay true to your aspirations even if they don’t fit into your current lifestyle.

After all, are you going to disappear into your own life?  Or are you going to create it?


This is the final installment of the week-long Photo Inspiration Challenge.  Extra special thanks to Angie McMonigal for her kick ass photos.  If the photos in these blog posts haven’t already convinced you of her awesome talent, check out her website and Facebook page for further proof. 

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