I have fallen in love. I didn’t plan to and I certainly didn’t want to.

But as soon as I saw him, I knew that it was all over. I was love-struck.

He was standing unassumingly among all the others – many of whom were younger, fresher, and louder, with a flashy air about them.

But he stood quietly among the crowd, confidently unashamed to be showing his age in comparison to his peers, his regal dark coloring a sharp contrast to the blonder ones surrounding him.

For the rest of the day I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I was completely smitten, fantasizing about gently caressing fingers and the time we would spend together, two kindred spirits harmonizing our thoughts, movements, passions.

When I confessed my new crush to my husband, he looked at me with a wry smile, his soft eyes boring holes into my soul. I quickly looked away, but he knew what this all meant.

Of course, he knew.

He knew that my whimsical fantasies were more than a passing fancy, that they held a profound yearning to commingle a squandered past with a melodic present and a hopeful future. Truthfully, he had his own cravings too.

Still, I wavered. Should I…? Should we…? Could we…?

Yes, my husband assured me, we could. We should. This would open new doors for us, create new diversions, fulfill lifelong dreams.

And so, with a touch of trepidation and a jolt of exhilaration, I made the necessary arrangements to bring this tall, dark and handsome creature into our lives, into our home.

I think that he fits in quite nicely, don’t you?


Our New Piano


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  1. Eeeeeekkkkk!!!! How exciting! Do you play? I took 10 years of lessons and loved…most of them. 🙂 Besides making music, I always found playing the piano a huge stress reliever. It’s probably just the matter that your mind is focused on something else, but I always felt that music was good for my soul as well. Enjoy your toy!

    • Christie Reply

      I took lessons for several years and I am slowing re-learning. I am trying hard to fight my impatient tendencies and give myself time to regain my previous abilities. It sure is fun to get back in the groove.

  2. Well done, Christie. I thought it might be a dog. You don’t need to feed a piano or take it for walks. Except to let your fingers do the walking. How exciting! Good for you. I hope you’ll upload your playing onto your website. I’ll look forward to a short concert! Congrats on the new addition.

    • Christie Reply

      Thanks, Stephanie! We’ve already got two dogs, which is more than enough for me right now. I’m really enjoying re-discovering my piano skills, though it will definitely be some time before I feel comfortable playing for anyone other than my husband and kids 🙂

  3. Love it! I too thought it was another dog to add to your mix. Enjoy yourself making music – no stress, just fun.

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  5. How clever! I love it! I thought in the first couple of lines you were speaking of meeting your husband, but then decided you must be talking a dog or cat. I was pleasantly surprised to see you were speaking of a beautiful piano. I unfortunately don’t play more than a small handful of notes and truly its more plunking then playing. I hope that one day my kids will want to learn, but that’s a few years off at the moment. Congrats on the ‘New Addition’ to your family! Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  6. Oh my gosh, you definitely had me going on this one! I was just…like….ARE THEY SWINGERS??? Hahaha! So so relieved to see the piano at the end of this post. 🙂

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